72 Round Dining Table Or Square

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72 Round Dining Table Unique

72 round dining table – The dining table basically has two forms, namely round and box. Although the shape is simple and has the same function, in fact, the form has a significant difference when placed at the dinner table. Usually, the dining table is placed in the middle of the dining room with chairs placed around the table. The goal is to create a familiar atmosphere while eating a meal. However, there is no harm in putting the dining table against the wall. Dining table with a position like this is usually done because the room size is not too large.

The 72 round dining table cannot be placed against the wall let alone in the corner of the room. If placed in that position then the room will look strange and narrow. In contrast to the round dining table, box-shaped dining table fit placed in the middle of the room or attached to the wall.

If made of materials such as wood, 72 round dining table will eat a lot of material because some parts of the wood must be cut and wasted because the parts can not be used. While the box table just throws away a little part of the material. The use of this material also affects the costs incurred and the time of manufacture.

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