Black Bedroom Walls For Teen

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Full Black Bedroom Walls

Black bedroom walls at first you may be despised to let your child decorate her room in dark colors. You can see this design as depressing or gloomy, but it’s possible to incorporate many big themes with dark colors. Use one of many design ideas to create a personal space for your child that reflects her unique personality. Then lay canvas paintings across the walls at an even level as you would look at an art gallery. Your teenager can help by painting his own pictures on blank cloth and laying the blankets over the room. Go to black walls and white cloths for a retro look or nick to the 1920 era.

Rock Star

A black bedroom walls is the perfect setting for a rock star room. Paint the walls black, a deep purple or red. Add your teenage posters of her favorite celebrities and plaster them across the walls. Add a musical instrument to the wall or do one by creating a template of cardboard. Add plush bedding and a canopy over the bed. Use red side curtains to get rid of the room. Finish room with lots of dark accessories, such as pillows, lights and candles. Create a reflective wall by hanging in a grid on the wall. This feature will add some necessary light as opposed to the dark walls.

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Star clear night

Create a unique bedroom theme that reflects a starry night. Paint the black bedroom walls. Does your teen help color some white or yellow stars with a stencil on top of background color? For an artistic twist that captures romance in a night sky, ask your teenager to write lyrics or poetry and attach them to the ceiling with a pencil. Cover the nub with decorative lights in the dark stars. You can also ask your teenager to paint his own illustrations in the glow-in-the-dark color that you pick up at the local hardware store. Paint the walls a dark green. Add palm leaves, animal style accessories, a plush rug and bamboo to create your own jungle or rain forest theme.

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