Decorate Beige Living Room

Feb 9th

Beige living room develops pictures of gently bleaching sunsets, lavender fields, soft red wine and, of course, all the beautiful colors that permeate the region. No wonder then that one of Tuscany’s most famous exports is its interior. It’s a style that works in almost every climate, which welcomes sunshine and cool shadow in a home. Best Tuscan style is that it can be achieved on any budget, big or small, and is as formal or as relaxed as you like. Wall color is always soft. Choose plan or matte terracotta, soft pink, oak, dark yellow, maroon or blue-green. Walls can be given a wash of diluted white or cream latex for a bleached, milky finish.


Window frames, door frames and floor tiles can be scaled back to its natural finish. Warm, honey-colored wood is an excellent feature in beige living room. Alternatively paint them a complementary color on the walls. If you live in a warm climate, consider the tile floor. Choose honey, cream, terracotta, marble or slate. Only wooden slabs, peeled and waxed, look very good cooperating with Tuscan colors. If the budget is tight, there are excellent laminate options available. Use plenty of natural colored cotton rugs to add extra color and heat. Ceiling should also be white or pale cream. Exposed or painted masonry and beams also have in Tuscan homes.


Windows should be common; install wood slatted blinds and the layer of floor length pure cream or white cotton draperies for a romantic feel. If you prefer a happy look, go too lightly printed cotton in yellow and blues. Furniture is always firm and functional or very choppy and grand. Beige living room has sturdy, polished wooden tables and chairs and sofas covered by candles, throwing handmade. Throwing is often used for tables and chairs. Consider renovating a small table or cabinet through a strip of finish and give it a painted faux marble disc. Leave a sharp white border between 8 and 12 inches on top and bottom of walls to reflect light in your living room.

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