Green and Black Bedroom

Feb 11th

Black bedroom for most people use their bedroom for more than just sleeping and getting dressed in the morning. Those who watch TV, read or hang out with the family in the bedroom should think about decorating the room. There are many different ways to decorate your bedroom, including incorporating different themes or color schemes. If you like green and black, consider decorating your bedroom in these colors to create a nicer place to spend time in. It’s easy to integrate your green and black color scheme into the different décor pieces found in your bedroom. Shop until you find a carpet with a design you like and a green shade that matches the rest of the room.

Wall Color

When it comes to black bedroom walls, there are options for incorporating your green and black color schemes. You can paint the walls green, use wallpaper or leave the walls white and hang green and black accents later. If you choose to paint your walls, spend time in the store picking out what green shades you like best. Some stores will mix small amounts of paint for you to go home and test on your walls so you can decide which shade works before you buy a whole gallon. If you choose to go with wallpaper, ask for patterns that match your color selection and take some samples to consider before making your final decision. Leaving your walls white or other neutral color is a possible solution as well.


Furniture in the black bedroom usually has a bed and kitchen cabinet, and maybe a bookcase and chair, among other things. If you buy new furniture, pick pieces with a black finish to go with your theme. If new furniture is not in your budget, consider painting your furniture black. For the bed, enjoy using green leaves and a green arena that matches with other shades of green you intend to use in the room. Keep shades of green in mind when picking out chairs or other stuffed furniture so that you can pick matching pieces. For example, if you choose to use a throw mat, there are many options that include green and black colors.

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