Ideas Decorate with Blue Couch

Feb 13th

A blue couch is an excellent start to a beautifully appointed living room. With the right wall color, art on the walls, floor coverings and accessories, a blue couch can be the perfect centerpiece of a room that expresses your personal style. Choose classic, earthy and modern styles for a living room that really shines. How to decorate with a blue couch, decide on a wall color. Because your couch is blue, choose a complementary color. Do not paint the wall in the same color as the couch. A light blue couch with a dark blue wall, however, is a good choice. For a bold look, a contrasting shade as orange will make the mood, or choose a neutral for a more earthy style.

Find a mat that has both the v and the wall colors in it, if you choose. Or go with a neutral. Once you have painted the walls and moved your couch in place, a color scheme will begin to appear and you will be able to pick the carpet and you’re other accessories much easier. A couch of any color looks good with a large piece of artwork on the wall behind. Ideas decorate with blue couch, choose something that fits your personal styles and color schemes. As an alternative to a big piece, you can also group small pictures gallery style.

Place a blanket over the back of the couch to add warmth and visual interest. Choose a white, cream or taupe colored cashmere blanket to continue an elegant, refined look for ideas decorate with blue couch. Accent the couch with furniture and wall decoration. Place a handy side table in either dark or light wood at one end of the couch. Decorate the table with a navy blue vase filled with fresh white and red roses or other types of flowers. Hang a work of art with a nautical ship scene in a raw-chopped wooden frame over the couch as a space focal point.Ideas decorate with blue couch,

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