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Art Deco Decor Amazing

Art deco decor – What is art deco? Art deco is one of the styles of interior and architectural design that developed and popular around the year 1920-1930. This style then evolved into a popular design style at the time, especially in Western Europe and the United States. Modern, luxurious and elegant is characteristic and very synonymous with the art deco-style design and architecture.

Art deco designs bring freedom in expressing art to create a modern sense of interior and architectural ideas. Modern is meant in art-deco is dared to be different and new, and appear more attractive than other design ideas that are considered ancient. Thus, many art deco decor design styles use striking color choices. In addition, the proposal was not common with the use of the latest materials and decorations that look magnificent.

The art deco style describes the insulin with the firm lines. One characteristic style of interior art deco decor is a geometric ornament that presents the luxury. It was influenced by the industrial revolution in England at the end of the 19th century. At that time, factory machines were able to create a very difficult thing created by humans, one of which is a straight line.

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