Many Different Ideas for Bohemian Living Room

Mar 22nd

Bohemian living room – Bohemian style is often associated with a particular type of people, the liberal, artistic, eloquent and spiritual, among others, is some of those who are known to acquire style throughout the time. So if you’re bohemian, we’ll dare to say that you’re a creative soul that enjoys surrounding you with personal and meaningful things that inspire you and bring joy to everyday life. Typically, you will know a bohemian housing for powerful colors – especially red – many different patterns – especially the kelim-rattan plaque, wood with patina, plants and generally just a lot of things in the decor. Boheme style has.

However, developed a new variety in recent times, moving away from the very powerful colors and large amounts of nips, to blend the style with the more bright, Nordic and simple. Perhaps this is because, despite the fact that we want living and personal homes, we still need peace and a somewhat chaos-free interior. Nordic bohemian living room is about light woods and open shelves where things are on the front, like beautifully blended ceramics, jars, cutting boards, oils, etc. It is about creating an informal atmosphere that exudes the joy of cooking and serving the food aesthetically View.

It is obvious to bring the bohemian atmosphere into your living room. Here you can use items like puffer in leather or with kelim pattern, raw wood, rattan wicker, blankets and general kelim carpets and pillows. These two images are the perfect proof that you can easily create a bohemian mood without using too sharp colors or an overwhelming nipple. In the bedroom it is obvious to use cotton-fabric fabrics, such as bedspreads, carpets and pillows, to bring the bohemian living room to the room. If you want to use more powerful colors, it’s a good idea to combine it with white, white walls, white linens, etc. The dimmers look and make it more Nordic and fun.

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